Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden Update

First post in a while and a lot has happened.  I had a great Fall/Winter crop.  Some of the highlights were broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, carrots, and cabbage.  Just as an FYI..if you click over on the right on images there are a lot more pictures.  I plan to update the pictures more regularly if you want to check them out.

Earlier this Spring I expanded the garden.  I cut down the mulberry tree.  It was nice shade, but the berries were making a huge mess and were so high you could not reach them to pick them if they tasted good, which they didn't.  This was definitely a work in progress picture. 

The biggest difference this year is I am growing a few new things. Silver Queen corn is one of them and it is starting to show tassels and silk.  I planted 1 stalk per square foot in a 5 x 10 bed.  I should get 50 to 100 ears I hope.

I am also growing 2 squash vine borer resistant squash types - Tatume and Seminole.  Here are some of the latest pictures.  This is the Tatume squash vines growing like mad.

This is one of the first Tatume squash I produced.  It taste like zucchini and is excellent sliced and grilled with a little olive oil and seasoning.  This one is a little larger than a baseball, which is about the right size I think for eating.

Here are my Seminole squash vines.  These actually form small pumpkins.  The leaves add a nice touch to the landscape.

Tomato plot 1

Tomato plot 2

Green bean plot and harvest pics

1st pick

2nd pick

First canning yielded 18 quarts.  Second Canning yielded 14.

Here is my onion harvest.  I grew this in 72 sq. ft of space.  These are 10-15, Contessa and Southern Red onions.  There is also some garlic in there.

I am also growing pole lima beans.  These are Big Mama and Burpee's Best.  I made trellises out of bamboo instead of my usual electrical conduit because I like the more natural look of it. 

Other various garden views and vegetables....

Anole molting



My new favorite - Petunias

Feather-legged fly

Wheel Bug

Anole lizard fight

Tomato Hornworm

Hope you enjoy!

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